Police Officer Steven Reuther was shot and killed  when he was ambushed at the police station, at 35 Neckel Court, as he arrived to begin his shift.

The subject had been waiting outside of the police station for approximately 45 minutes. As Officer Reuther drove into the parking lot the subject pulled in behind him and parked several spots away from him. When Officer Reuther started walking into the police station the man opened fire with an AK-47 rifle, striking him in the back of the head and killing him instantly.

The man fled the scene but returned eight minutes later and turned himself in to the chief of police.

The man was found not guilty by reason of insanity and committed to a state mental hospital.

Officer Reuther was survived by his wife and two daughters.

On May 9th 2016 the City of MIlan City Council unanimously passed Resolution 2016-08, to memorialize Police Officer Reuther’s dedication to his family, community and the City of Milan, MI, and his ultimate sacrifice in the performance of that duty 25 years earlier.

To honor Police Officer Reuther, badge #8, which Police Officer Reuther wore, was forever retired from service from the Milan Police Department.
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