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35 Neckel Court
Milan, Michigan 48160
Emergency 911
(734) 439-1551
Fax: (734) 439-1565
Tip Line: (734) 439-4311

Mission OF DEPARTMENT: The basic mission of the Department is TO PROTECT life and property, and all rights guaranteed by law, AND SERVE the citizens by preserving the peace, maintaining order, controlling crime, apprehending offenders, and enforcing the law.

VISION OF DEPARTMENT: The vision of the Department is “To earn the trust of all people through integrity, honesty, and service.”

PRIORITIES OF DEPARTMENT: The departmental priorities are set by the Chief of Police, they are:
  • The Department seeks to reduce crime and injury through preventive measures as well as immediate action in emergencies.
  • It attempts to determine the community's needs and direct its resources toward controlling crimes that are considered most serious, frightening and economically damaging.
  • It seeks to protect life and limb by restricting the use of force to situations of absolute necessity.
  • It limits the exercise of authority to those functions prescribed by the laws of the United States, the State of Michigan and the City of Milan.
GUIDELINES REGARDING RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PUBLIC: The Department acknowledges that its effectiveness depends upon acceptance of its authority and approval of its actions by the community.  The Department, therefore:
  • Expects exemplary conduct of its employees;
  • It attempts to provide or direct the public to other sources for needed information;
  • Seeks public cooperation through the news media; and
  • It encourages positive public reaction to its service through careful attention to complaints received and service provided.
  • Educates the public on laws & ordinances to promote the safety of all.
“To earn the trust of all people through integrity, honesty, and service.”
911 Emergency Services
Call 911 if you have a Police, Fire or Medical Emergency for an immediate response in the City of Milan
Call (734) 439-1551 if you need a Police Officer to stop by your residence or business to report a crime, incident or concern. You can also stop by the station, our lobby is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Vacation/Property Checks
Call (734-) 439-1551, let us know your property will be vacant, we can take necessary contact information and provide extra patrols in the area during your time away.
Tip Line Information
Call (734) 439-4311, Have confidential information about a crime? Or you want to report information to the Police Department and remain anonymous. This dedicated phone number will provide that service to you as a concerned citizen.

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Donald Tillery
Chief of Police 
Jeremy Nieman
Deputy Chief 
Eric McLaughlin
Detective Sergeant 
David Archer
Jake Prusaitis
Under the command of the Chief of Police, there are four divisions in the Department:
  • Patrol Division
  • Detective Division
  • Communications Division
  • School Safety Division
Public Service Announcement
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